Inclusion Life Cycle

Inclusion Life Cycle Management TM

Impacting Women’s Lives Everyday

Women in STEM (WiSTEM) is the largest all-encompassing program for Lifecycle Inclusion Management™ of Women in science and technology globally. Our program includes a process that handholds school immersion, provides opportunities for women to address STEM education with ease with the help of our partner institutions, provides them placement and internship with the best employers in the world, help in handholding women back to the workforce after a break and address any intermittent career and empowerment issues that women in the workforce and women entrepreneur may face.
The Foundation has derived Inclusion Life Cycle Management™ (ILCM) with an objective to sustain and maximize the impact of the Women in STEM interventions. The ILCM is the cumulative result of the in-depth research and experiences as gained from the interventions across the globe.

The Inclusion Life Cycle Management™ is the holistic approach to galvanize the participation of women in STEM by providing relevant services and program throughout the lifecycle of a woman.

The Inclusion Life Cycle Management

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