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Across the Middle East and Africa, women executives in technology have strived to reach the heights of their careers. They have excelled through their education, careers, and social circles, managed the challenges of home and work life whenever it has come up, and are now established on an upward career trajectory.

The Women in Technology Awards MEA 2014 is meant to recognise entry level, middle level and senior level women executives who arisen through the ranks of their peers either as employees or as entrepreneurs.

In many countries they have arisen against the stigma of male dominance, social inequality, reduced opportunities and lack of support systems. In other countries, it has been their innovative and business acumen that have helped them to clip through the ranks of others, bringing them forward.

And yet in other countries, it has been their ability to see opportunities in driving technology into markets through partner connections and a close ear to market sentiments, relying on their people skills and ability to gauge the right timing.

Whatever the nuances of their success, The Women in Technology Awards MEA 2014, attempts to identify and recognise women executives in various streams of technology business and in various countries, who have excelled by delivering high levels of performance and results, in a consistent and worthy manner.

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